Forests – natural heritage of the Vologda region

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Леса — природное достояние Вологодской области

Vologda Oblast is one of the richest forests in Russia. Most (81%) of its area is covered by forests. The total stock of wood is 1609 million cubic meters, of which 843 million cubic meters are coniferous stands.

Basically, all forests are of natural origin, which means that there was no human interference and such a forest can be considered environmentally friendly.

Wood quality

As you know, the quality of wood also depends on the place of growth. In the northern regions (such as the Vologda Oblast) the climate is more severe than in the southern ones, the colder it is, the harder it is to grow, so the plants are forced to adapt to such weather in order to survive. With the onset of cold weather, tree growth stops, so in the northern forests they grow slowly – only during the short summer. The annual rings of such trees are very narrow, about 1 millimeter per year, and the fibers are in close contact with each other, and this greatly affects the physicomechanical properties of wood.

Such wood has a shallow structure, which explains its strength, elasticity, flexibility and nobleness of the texture. In addition to a beautiful appearance, building materials from Vologda wood are not afraid of temperature jumps, and they are practically not prone to deformation. The northern forest has a high density and therefore, the products made from it are characterized by extended periods of use and storage.

Since the forest in the Vologda Oblast is one of its main natural assets, therefore, the forestry and timber processing industry is one of the most important sectors. The wood of the Vologda forests is very much appreciated in the world market. Also, during the time of Ivan the Terrible, such timber was exported to England, and under Peter the first base for the construction of the Russian fleet was precisely the forest with the “Vologda registration”.

Our company LLC “Chagnar” carries out logging in the Vologda region in the Chagodoschensky district. We harvest as much wood as needed for continuous year-round production. The consumers of our products are various woodworking enterprises of the North-West of Russia.

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