Interesting facts about the forest

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Интересные факты о лесе

The forest is not only our invaluable wealth, but also a lot of interesting facts are connected with it.

It is authentically known that:

• The most forested country in the world, which is 70% covered with forests, is Finland.
• And in turn, the territory of forest lands in the UK is only 6%
• The largest forest is concentrated in the Siberian taiga.
• Russian forests occupy 22% of the total forest terrestrial territory.
• 82% of the forests we cut has the ability to naturally regenerate itself or with the help of humans.
• There will be about 60 trees per person, if all the trees on earth are divided by all people.
• Due to trees, the greenhouse effect is reduced by 20%.
• In 1 hour, 1 ha of forest is able to process such an amount of carbon dioxide that 200 people will be exhaled in 1 hour.
One tree per year:
     • Produces up to 700 kg. oxygen
     • Isolates 33 kg. carbon
     • Neutralizes 80 kg. harmful substances
     • Filters 100t / mb. air
• It can reduce the temperature around you by 4 degrees Celsius.
• In Lithuania, grows the oldest tree “Old Man” which is 2000 years old.
• The tallest tree is an evergreen sequoia. Its height reaches 112 meters. Grows in the USA state of California.
• Schmidt’s birch is considered the hardest tree, since its wood cannot be cut down with an ax or pierced by a bullet.

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