The company sells the following assortments of spruce:


• Sawlog 1, 2, 3 grade – d from 16 cm.
• Sawlog fine – d from 11 to 15,99 cm.
• Balances – d from 7 cm.

Spruce – This is a coniferous tree reaching a height of up to 35 meters and a diameter of up to 60 cm. The average cutting age is 110 years.


The wood of spruce is soft, light, not very durable, it is used as a building material, for small crafts, for processing into wood pulp, as well as for the production of wood chemical products.


Spruce is processed in the form of round timber, such lumber as boards, composite boards and as veneers. At the same time, it is the most important material for the production of wood composites, such as plywood, glued beams, chipboard and fiberboard.